Janelle Evans Wants Husband Arrested!

January 23, 2013

After reading the title, did you roll your eyes? Us, too. Not because it’s hard to believe, but because this girl acts so nutty. Read on, if you can stomach it.

So everyone’s favorite TV train wreck is at it again. We all finally sighed with relief because it seemed her son was going to be left with his grandmother and away from her roller coaster of a life. Now, sadly, we get news that she is pregnant again.

Can MTV start a show called Dumb and Pregnant? I’m thinking she could be the star.

Anyway, I think I threw up when I learned that.

But it gets worse. Janelle apparently Tweeted the other night that her husband (yes someone married her) went out drinking with his friends instead of staying home with her. Sure, that’s not too cool, but she would drive just about anyone to drink.

So the guy gets her all mad and she wasn’t shy about it, even tweeting about being “heartbroken.”

RadarOnline writes that from there it allegedly got ugly. Janelle went to officials and filed charges against her husband for a slew of nasty things.

The allegations include assault on a female (four counts) and battery of an unborn child (one charge).

That is serious stuff. She even hinted that the whole incident almost caused her to miscarry her baby. And of course, she says she is considering divorce.

Could this be one of the shortest celeb marriages of all time?

We’ll see if there is even a choice in the matter. If this guy gets convicted of any of those charges, I doubt they will have much contact with each other after the fact — especially the one involving the baby.

Jenelle needs to stay away from all of these low lifes and seriously fix herself. Until then, I am off my soap box.

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