Heidi & Spencer Hated On Big Brother

January 23, 2013

Hey, I have a real shocker for ya. Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt are not very popular with their cast mates on Big Brother 11. But how could anyone not instantly fall in love with these two?

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It’s one thing to be annoying. It’s another to actually make a living out of it. Spencer has admitted that his whole “schtick” is to act like an ass-clown. He does it on purpose. Kind of like a shock jock on talk radio.

But that doesn’t excuse him. After a while of putting on an act, you actually become that person.

Heidi and Spencer have completely embodied that act, to the point that I think they are in too deep, weird magical rocks and all.

The story goes that their sad little trek through the D-list landed them on this year’s season of Big Brother. Not even much time has passed, but they are already pissing people off.

According to RadarOnline, some of the complaints the cast mates have about them are “…not participating in mandated tasks for the show, not following rules of the house, overt displays of public affection, and, of course, their blistering words.”

One particular model on the show can’t stand them. Here’s what Rylan Ross Clark had to say:

“This is their chance to show who they really are to the fans, the public, they’ve just sat there and said, ‘We hate them all‘ … I don’t want any one of them to win, and I’m fake… F**k them. You have played us like a f**king fiddle!”

This is what I mean, Mr. Clark, they actually ARE this way. It’s not an act anymore.

They have also gotten some fiery criticism from a few other cast mates, including Gok Wan, who apparently wants to stir fry them in a giant wok (not kidding). Also, someone else on the show named Nadia Sawalha jumped on Twitter just to call them two-faced.

Well, it sounds like their endearing personalities have followed them all the way over to the UK. Maybe they will find something they enjoy doing over there and STAY AWAY from the United States. Either way, I hope that this sad little attempt at a career come back is a complete and utter failure, because until this story hit, I lived in a blissful world because I hadn’t read their names in months.

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