Soap Dish: Alison Sweeney Celebrates 20 Years on Days Of Our Lives

January 19, 2013

It is Soap Dish time again and this week I am dishing all about Alison Sweeney celebrating 20-years as Sami Brady on Days of Our Lives. Can you believe she been on the hit NBC show for two decades?

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On January 5th Alison makred 20-years in Salem. She has taken the character of Sami Brady from traumatized troubled teen, to conniving younger woman, to bad girl tuned good, to the woman you love to hate, to now the woman who still has a little sinister Sami in her but is also a loving caring mother. The transformation of the character has been quite the journey and it could not have been done if Sweeney had not been playing Sami. Alison made you love Sami even when you hated her actions you couldn’t help but still want to root for her. It takes a very talented person to pull that off.

There are so many fabulous story lines that Sweeney and the character of Sami have had over the years I can’t even remember them all. However I do have a couple of my favorites I want to share. Of course there is the one where Sami catches John and Marlena having an affair and later kidnaps baby Belle because she knows John is the baby’s daddy not her father Roman. Then there is the story line where Sami is accused of killing Franco and gets the death penalty. That one I love because you really saw the vulnerable side of Sami. I also love any story that involves her and blackmail, remember when Victor had a stroke after Sami showed him pics of hooker Kate, classic. I could go on and on but honestly there are too many to talk about. I could write a whole column about that alone, seriously.

It is rare for an actor or actress to play the same role on the same show for so long but it seems that Alison found her home there years ago. Along with seeing the character of Sami grow up fans have also seen Sweeney go from teen, to young woman to working mother. Seriously I think she may be the hardest working woman mother in show biz and she pulls it all off flawlessly. Despite how her life has changed playing Sami has been the one constant, not just for her but for fans too. I am a huge huge fan of Alison’s and I think it is freaking awesome that she has stayed on Days all these years as her life has grown. She could have easily left as she took on more jobs but didn’t. I think that is a true testament to what kind of person she is. That being said I want to say thanks to Alison for sticking around Salem for all these years, you and Sami always make my day better.

That is it for Soap Dish this week be sure to check back next week to see what I am dishing about.

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