Did Taylor Swift Get A Boob Job? (PHOTOS)

January 17, 2013

Did Taylor Swift have a boob job? It kind looks like it! Check out these photos and see what you think!


PR Photos

So Taylor Swift showed up at the People’s Choice awards wearing a gorgeous white dress with a plunging neck line. She always looks beautiful, but this time she looked busty and beautiful. It is not a huge change, I mean she is no Pamela Anderson (thank God) but there may be something to the rumors. Or she may have used a nice push up bra or boob tape. There are so many tricks these days it is hard to say.


Plastic surgeon Dr Michael Fiorillo, who has not treated the star, was asked t assess some pictures of the starlet. He says that she went from an A cup to a B cup and that “You can see the implants.”


Either way it is not a big deal. IMO, they do see a bit perky, high and hard, which would all be conducive to having surgery. But again, there are so many tricks, it is just hard to tell. On the other hand, as a woman, I just dont see the point in going from an A cup to a B – a C cup maybe. But a B. Not worth the pain and suffering. I think she has a good stylist that made her boobs look killer in that hot dress! She was asked for comment but I am sure she will be keeping that kind of stuff to herself.


Anytime a celeb hits the redcarpet and the boobs seem a tad bit different they automatically had surgery. Pfft.


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