Jenelle Evans Pregnant Again…For Real

January 16, 2013

Jenelle Evans is pregnant again, expecting her second child with her new husband, Courtland Rogers. It is kind of shocking because she and Courtland have been going back and forth and there have been Tweets about staying out all night. Nothing good is happening when you are partying out all night. Pregnant? Uggh, I hope this chick changes her ways.

Courtland told Star,

“Me and Jenelle are so happy that she’s pregnant,” Courtland told Star. “She told me, ‘I’m looking forward to a second chance.’…She thinks if she can prove that she’s a good mother, she can get Jace back.”

For her to show she is a good mother, she has to become a good mother. Partying, changing residences every few weeks, and getting into fights with boyfriends and ex-boyfriends is not a good look. I see her out with friends, going to Ke$ha concerts more than she is with her child. And she is on probation and has tested positive for drugs on a few occasions.

People can change, and Jenelle was young when she had Jace. She also, admittedly, has mental health issues. I hope that this time around is different. I hope she pulls herself together and can stop worrying about men, her mom, moving, partying and Ke$sha long enough to make her children her priority.

I am honestly rooting for her. It breaks my heart to see Jace cry for her, watch her walk out and not have his mother as his mother.

What do you think? Can Jenelle do it? Do you thin they will feature it on Teen Mom 2? I hope so. Like I said, I am rooting for her. Pull it together Jenelle, you can’t get this time back. Jace needs you, as does this baby. Two babies is a TON of work. But well worth it.

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