Victor Garber Gay: Acotor Comes Out

January 15, 2013

Alias actor Victor Garber has confirmed he is gay. He wasn’t keeping his sexuality a secret but he has never spoken out publicly about it until now.

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During an interview at the Television Critics Association tour last week Victor not only directly addressed his sexuality but also revealed that is partner is artist and model Rainer Andreesen. He did it in a very nonchalant way. When asked by the website Greg In Hollywood if it was true that Rainer was his partner, Garber simply said ““I don’t really talk about it but everybody knows.” He went on to say that Andreesen will be with him later this month at the Screen Actor Guild Awards. Victor, although clearly very private about his life, did share that he and Rainer have been together for 13 years and currently live together in Greenwich Village.

I tell you what I love the way he spoke about his sexuality and partner. I mean seriously he was basically like everyone already knows both so what the heck is the big deal. I like it because never really dodged the question so to speak. He was open about who he was but just didn’t publicize it or speak out about it until now. After all it is his right to conduct his private life anyway he wants. I have respect for him for that.

Victor Garber is gay but according to him that shouldn’t be a surprise. I personally never even thought about it, so to me it was kind of news but what I think is more newsworthy is the way he handled it. He didn’t cause a spectacle, didn’t announce it to the world, he just simply in an interview to a blogger confirmed what he seemed to think everyone already knew. I have to say I like his style.

What your thoughts about Victor’s news?

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