Beyonce’s HBO Documentary Trailer (Video)

January 15, 2013

Beyonce’s HBO documentary Life Is But A Dream trailer has been released and it is the singer like you have never seen her before.  If you have seen the video you can check it out in full right here.

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Thanks to an interview with GQ fans of Beyonce learned that since 2005 she has pretty much had her entire life filmed, well at least the hours that she was awake. Bey revealed up for to 18 hours a day the cameras were rolling on her life and now that footage has been turned into a documentary for HBO.

As you will be able to tell from the below trailer this new HBO special is going to be freaking awesome. It is raw, rough, insightful and most of reminds us that Jay-Z’s wife is just a person like you or me. Sure she has fame, power, money etc but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t face her own trials and tribulations, some even similar to those you and I face.

It has been a long time since I have been so psyched to see a documentary about a celebrity but after seeing the clip I seriously can’t wait. I am a huge fan of the Single Ladies singer and to get a glimpse inside her real life is amazing and honestly rare. She really seems to get personal asking questions like “How do I stay current” and “How much do I reveal”, questions that ordinary people ask. Yes the context may be different but they are questions all of us can relate to in some aspect.

Life Is But A Dream Beyonce’s HBO documentary, will air on February 16th at 9PM EST. Make sure to set your DVR or are front and center watching because if the below video is any indication, it is going to be must see TV. Seriously she shows footage of the first time she saw her daughter’s sonogram, that is a super private moment and she is sharing it with her fans. Pretty freaking cool in my book but honestly I wouldn’t expect anything less from Bey. She may be all about her privacy but if she was going to do a film like this she was going to it right, let her fans see the real her. That is my two cents, what are your thoughts?



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