Kenya Moore: “Gone With the Wind Fabulous”

January 14, 2013

Oh honey. The latest Real Housewife to think that a music career is in her future happens to be the new sassy biotch on RHOA. Last night she performed her single, “Gone With the Wind Fabulous” on “Watch What Happens Live” and it was…interesting.

Photo: Smooth Magazine

So here are my thoughts:

Can she sing? Not really.
Is the song good? It is catchy!
Can she dance? Better than Kim!

So if that is what you are looking for in your next pop star, then hit up itunes and support the girl. Personally, I will pass. I just happened to record “Watch What Happens Live” cause I am pretty obsessed with Andy Cohen and his hilariousness. I had no idea that Kenya even had a single! What a treat.

Honestly though, the girl did perform. It just came off as…desperate IMHO. She doesn’t really sing – she just talks. And she just pretty much addresses everything that went down with the other housewives and her fake boyfriend, Walter. You know – saying she’s fake, old, ghetto, crazy, broke, single, ugly…

After her performance Andy asked,

“How did that feel?”

“It’s scary! I’m not a singer, I’m not trying to be a singer, it’s a fun song that I just wrote to empower people,” Kenya said. “We all have people who don’t appreciate who we are in the world and say … all these negative things … it’s an answer for it.”


Go on with your self girl, get your twirl on.

All kidding aside, it is not that bad. I mean some of the other “Housewives” singles are definitely worse and this is all in good fun. What girlfriend can do is model – have you seen her frickin’ Smooth magazine pictures??? DAMN!!!

Give Kenya’s single a listen below and tell me your thoughts….

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