Lindsay Lohan: No Show To Court

January 7, 2013

Well, Lindsay Lohan did not appear in court today for her assault charges, as it seems some luck may be swinging her way. Supposedly things are changing and the prosecution was not ready. Lindsay did not show up because there were no charges to plead to!

She may not be completely off the hook though. She still has a January 15th court appearance for her probation violation back in Santa Monica for which she is being charged with giving false information to a police officer, obstructing or resisting a police officer in the performance of his duty, and reckless driving. Yikes.

I had hopes that Lilo could pull a Britney but girlfriend is a hot mess. Ain’t no turning this boat around honey. We have seen her go from a respected actress with huge potential, to a pathetic substance abuser who lost it all. Liz and Dick probably sealed the coffin on her comeback. Since 2007 we have seen her in court 19 times and in and out of rehab five times.

Honestly, I am over feeling bad for her. At a certain point she should have realized she was going to lose it all. There is this fine line in Hollywood – you can tread on talent and partying but you can’t get too crazy. Of course people want to see celebs act wild and crazy – and learn a lesson – or at least try and hide it. But if you fall over, and you start to get arrested, loose roles, and respect then it is over. And if you weren’t a pop princess, American Dream, you aren’t going to be the comeback kid either.

So sad. I am curious to see what happened on the 15th, as I believe a lot of you are too. Other wise why would you even be reading ANYTHING about a washed up ginger with nothing else going on?

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