Justin Bieber Hanging With Wrong Crowd?

January 6, 2013

Is Justin Bieber starting to consort with the wrong peeps? That’s what the buzz is all about online this week after some photos were posted online that seem to show him smoking pot with a rap artist named Lil Twist.

I wonder what the “twist” part is a reference to? Anyway, this guy Twist is signed to Cash Money and is associated with Lil Wayne. As much as I like him, he has been known for dabbling a little bit with marijuana. Okay, not a little bit. A ton.

So Bieber started off with a squeaky clean, almost Disney-like reputation. He was the one guy that Tweens were allowed to hang on their wall. Then came some stories of him having a bad attitude, and breaking up things on set of talk shows. Now this.

I’m not saying that marijuana is the end of the world. It’s decriminalized and/or legal is several states. But that doesn’t mean it’s right for Justin. There are a lot of stars who lose their cool after starting to party too much. It’s way too early for that to happen to him. He needs to hang on for a while first.

Some outlets think it’s cute. The New York Daily news points out that doing stuff like this will finally give him street credibility. That may be true. He is a little on the corny side, and it would be hard for him to land any collaboration songs with certain artists if he didn’t have an edgy side.

After all, when he gets older, the twelve year old girls night not be waiting outside his limo screeching forever. He needs to find a way to transition, and many people don’t manage that transition well.

One of the few corny, pop stars who made it in the mainstream music business is Justin Timberlake. He managed to team up with Timberland and they did some wonderful things.

We’ll have to see what happens. Until then, I’m guessing Justin will land in more interesting pictures with this guy Lil Twist.

Check out the pictures of him allegedly smoking weed over at TMZ.

Your thoughts?

Pictures: PR Photos

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