Soao Dish: AMC & OTL Coming Back?

January 5, 2013

Happy New Year friends it is Soap Dish time again and this week I am dishing about the one thing that is on every soap fan’s mind, the news that All My Children and One Life To Live are going to live on.

The past couple of weeks the media world has been a buzzing with the news that Prospect Park is bringing back AMC and OTL. As you may or may not know the company bought the rights to both shows from ABC not long after the network cancelled them. However there were some serious snags and it seemed that both soaps would stay dead. Thankfully it is looking like that is not the case at all, woohoo!

Although there are not really any specifics about the intentions of Prospect Park but what is known at the time is deals have been reached with WGA as well as SAG and AFTRA. Plus Agnes Nixon, the woman behind the creation of AMC and OLTL, has confirmed that both shows are going to relaunched online. Oh yes there is no more speculation which is freaking awesome. Most recently some major players from AMC have inked deals to join the new revamped version of the show and play some of the most beloved characters on the show. Hello Susan Lucci and Vincent Irizarry, just to name a couple. However word on the street is a decent number of the actors/actresses from each show have expressed interest in joining the reboot.

So far it seems most of the talk has been about All My Children, which makes me think right now relaunching that show is the main focus. I am thrilled about the relaunch of both shows but I will say this I certainly hope that Roger Howarth and Kristen Alderson stay on General Hospital. They are both great additions to the show and I would hate to see them leave.

The news that these now cancelled network soap operas are getting a new life online just proves that there is a whole other world out there for Soap Operas. It may not be the same but who is to say that it won’t be even better. That it is it for this weeks edition of Soap Dish be sure to check back next week to see what I am dishing about. Also be sure to keep checking here to see just what is going on with the relaunch of AMC and OLTL.

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