Nicholas Hoult PHOTOS: Warm Bodies Star

December 31, 2012

Nicholas Hoult photos are starting to become a hot item online now that the trailer for Warm Bodies is running on repeat. Can you blame people? It’s a clever idea for a movie, and he’s just the perfect zombie.

Finally something refreshing out of the whole zombie craze. Anything but vampires, right? Well, instead of a simple flick about some muscle bound dude blasting zombies with heavy weaponry, we’re actually getting something different.

The movie is supposed to be about a zombie who falls in love with a regular chick. Yes, and that regular chick has to figure out what the heck to do with him. He’s like some kind of walking dead hipster.

The film is set for a February 1 release, and it’s already gaining traction online. Check out the trailer:

Anyway, here are some of the last few tweets with the hashtag #warmbodies:

This will probably suck in the whole Twilight crowd. It’s targeted for that audience and it’s just about time we all started making fun of the genre. I know vampires and zombies are different, but it’s the same people who are watching this stuff. Just like with Vampire’s Suck they can finally laugh at how ridiculous the craze is.

I am totally content with it making the switch from vampires to zombies.

So more on this Nicholas Hoult guy:

He is pretty new to the Hollywood scene. He is from England, and is best known for X-Men: First Class.

My thoughts exactly. So it might be fitting that his break out role is one where he doesn’t talk much.

Anyway, the story goes that he was first noticed as the audience member of a play when he was a toddler. Someone involved in the play decided he was worth some attention, and from there he started climbing the ladder. Who knew it would end with a groaning, straight-faced zombie role?

Check out some Nicholas Hoult photos below. Are you going to see Warm Bodies.

Pictures: PR Photos

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