Anne Hathaway Is Knocked Up!

December 29, 2012

I am so excited, Anne Hathaway is one of my all time favorite actresses and rumor has it that Catwoman is knocked up!


Anne may have pulled a Lindsay and given the world a crotch shot but the actress is still a class act to me. She is just one of those people. She has natural beauty, poise and talent and nothing – not even a crazy Italian boyfriend or a crotch shot, can bring her down. And that says something in Tinsel Town.


Star magazine did an interview with Anne earlier in the month where they asked her if she was looking into becoming a mother:

I have been chomping at the bit to be a mom since I was 16, but I wanted to have a career too. I also had to find a baby daddy first, which now I have!”


Well now that her work is done (and it was done so well that she is in talks for an Oscar Nom) for Les Miserables, her next role may be “mommy.” Star is reporting that Anne is already knocked up and we will be getting a statement sometime soon:

“Anne talks nonstop about babies and gives subtle hints that she may already be pregnant. She’s been avoding alcohol, talking about nursery colors and decorations, and inquiring to close friends who recently gave birth about the best pediatricians. Anne and Adam are definitely giving off the pregnancy bliss vibe, leading loved ones to believe they might have a little one next summer.”

We should be hearing something, and seeing a protruding baby bump, at the beginning of January, which will make for a nice summer birth. Been there, done that – Anne will be H-O-T!!

I can’t wait to see if this is true! Anne is going to make for an excellent mother!





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