Jenelle Evans Divorce

December 28, 2012

This girl is just a hot mess all around. And it absolutely breaks my heart that her son Jace has her for a mother. I am sorry, it is the truth. She is hardly a mother to him and all we see is her selfish antics constantly breaking his little heart. She needs some serious help.

I admire her mother, Barbara, for taking in Jace and caring for him, but she needs to cut of Jenelle for the sake of her own sanity, to help Jenelle and more importantly for poor Jace. I mean the girl put more effort into going to the Kesha concert than into her son.

I knew as soon as I read that Jenelle had married Courtland Rogers that it wouldn’t last longer than her latest nail polish choice. And because Jenelle loves attention this all went down on Twitter:

“I just want to let everyone know that it is my fault that Courtland and I are going to get a divorce because I left last night at 3 am to go hang out with his worst enemy and left him home sleeping and worried. Now I got broke up with and I don’t even care cause o well right??

No one has actually filed for divorce, but if Jenelle is saying she doesn’t even care, then I have no idea why Courtland would stick around. I truly hope someone can help this girl. We have seen her battle drug abuse, abuse, be arrested – what qualifies as rock bottom for this girl? Jace needs a mommy. Not a grandmother. He needs his mom. Someone to provide a home, clothes, food, security, a stable environment and unconditional love that nothing and no one can penetrate. Not a man, not a drug – nothing is more important than that child. I just hope she sees that soon.

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