Miley Cyrus Married: Liam Hemsworth Secret Wedding!

December 27, 2012

Have you seen these pictures? It is looking like Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are married!! Was there a secret wedding? I am so disappointed! my invite must have been lost in holiday mail…

Ok seriously people – I am not one for rumors – but this one is a bit too obvious if you ask me. I mean Liam and Miley are both clearly rocking what looks like wedding rings! There have been rumors that the two wed in a top secret wedding and that they have been married for months, and now they just tweeted several pics that show them each wearing wedding rings. TMZ is also speculating, which makes me thinky it maybe trueeeee!!!!!

I will wait for confirmation before I sen out my congratulations, but I a m sure TMZ is doing the digging and we will know for sure one way or another. I wouldn’t put it past Miley, she keeps her relationship with Liam very top secret so if they had a quiet low key intimate wedding ceremony – would it really be shocking? No!! I say more power to them! In Tinsel Town keeping a secret like that, when you are a mega star such as Miley Cyrus, they pulled off one heck of a job! She wouldn’t be the first celeb to pull such a stunt!

Kate Winslet also tied the knot this weekend, with longtime friend Leonardo DiCaprio giving her away. Boo, I always held out hope Leo would settle down with Kate…. Wishful thinking I guess.

(Miley and Liam’s reps did not immediately respond to E! News’ requests for comment.)

And in other Miley news, check out this awesoem video from her backyard session. Miley does “Jolene” and I am sure she made her godmother (yes!!) Dolly Parton proud!



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