Survivor Philippines Episode 13 Recap

December 13, 2012

We begin our Survivor Philippines Episode 13 recap on Night 33. The Dangrayne Tribe has returned to camp after boot Carter at Tribal Council. Abi is the most happy, having dodged the bullet, thanks to her lying about having a hidden immunity idol. She actually thanks everyone for not voting her off. Meanwhile, Malcolm is growing concerned that Lisa is becoming more strategic in her game play. Could she threaten his position?

Day 34 and Abi wanders off, pretending to be hiding her idol. But the rest of the gang has figured out that she is lying. Surely she would have played it during last night′s Tribal Council. Later, Abi talks with Lisa, trying to convince her not to trust Malcolm or Denise. Lisa does not trust Abi, but plays along as part of her new social game strategy.

Time for a Reward Challenge. Players will race to gather two sets of rope rings, then toss them to land on five targets. The winner and two guests will get a chopper ride, followed by pizza on a boat while watching whale sharks. Skupin and Malcolm battle for the lead and Michael winds up winning. He chooses to take Malcolm and Lisa with him, leaving Abi disappointed.

Back at camp, Denise bites her tongue as she must put up with Abi the rest of the day alone. Meanwhile, the winners enjoy their sight-seeing helicopter tour. But the real fun begins as they cruise in a boat loaded with pizza, cookies and soda pop. Skupin develops a sugar buzz, having not drank a pop in 30 years. The gang find a whale shark and all don snorkels to swim with the beast. Skupin, still high from too much sugar, gets too friendly and close with the gentle giant. The whale shark bumps Michael and sends him tumbling in the water. Back on the boat, Malcolm proposes a Final Three alliance which Mike and Lisa agree to.

Day 36 and Denise is having a bad morning. She may have been bitten by some pest during the night. Her neck and shoulders ache and burn from an allergic reaction or poisoning. Lisa leads a prayer session to help heal Denise, but Abi is hopeful that the bug bite will send Denise packing.

Time for the Immunity Challenge! Using two planks to cross a rope bridge, the players race to secure two large puzzle pieces tied to the bridge. Then they must solve a puzzle maze. Malcolm was battling Skupin again for the lead when he falls off the rope bridge at the last moment. Despite having to start over from the beginning, Malcolm makes an amazing comeback and wins immunity!

Back at camp, Abi is depressed. Her only hope is to flip Skupin and Lisa into booting Denise. She talks with Michael who seems interested. He talks with Lisa and she also seems interested in the idea. Meanwhile, Denise tries to convince Malcolm to let her use his hidden immunity idol. Tonight′s Tribal Council is the last time it can be played. But Malcolm tells her that there is nothing to worry about. Abi is getting the boot.

At Tribal Council, Lisa talks about Abi and her scheming to boot Denise. Abi says that she is the best person to take to the finals since nobody apparently likes her. Denise says that Abi has been riding the Tandang coattails all along. Skupin chimes in but Abi interrupts and calls him an idiot and a moron for thinking that he might be able to beat Malcolm or Denise in the finals. Things go downhill from there as Denise and Abi have one last bitter exchange.

It is time to vote! We watch Abi and Denise trade votes. Jeff Probst asks if anyone wants to play an idol and nobody does. He counts the ballots and it is 4 to 1 against Abi. The Gang of 4 stay true to their alliance. Thus ends our recap of Survivor Philippines Episode 13. Spoilers are simple, Sunday night is the two-hour Survivor finale, followed by the one-hour reunion show. How will the Final Four fair as they battle their way to the Finals and face The Jury? Tune in on Sunday to find out!

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