Psy Fashion Fail: Un-Suited For Public (Photos)

December 12, 2012

Psy’s fashion fail is so obvious it hurts my eyes to think about it. I have never seen anyone in my life who could ruin a good suit like him. It’s almost like he only got half of his bags when he deplaned from Korea and had to make due with what he had.

This overnight sensation is hard to read. The video of him saying some awful, anti-American things has me a little pissy, but I love his song.

One thing we can all agree on is that he doesn’t know how to dress. I have included a bunch of random pictures of him in terrible looking suits for you to examine.

He prefers to dress in a sport coat of some sort. The only issue is that they don’t fit right, and they are usually mismatching with his shoes — which violates the first rule of wearing a suit.

What do you think of these photos?

Pictures: PR Photos

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