Brooke Mueller Back In Rehab: Caption This Photo

December 11, 2012

After landing in the hospital last week for a possible drug overdoes Brooke Mueller is headed back to rehab. That is right she is once again going to try and get clean, which is why she has been chosen as Right Celebrity’s Caption This photo contest, love it.

Mueller is going back to rehab for the 19th time, no that is not a typo either. I will have more on Brooke seeking treatment again, including who will be watching her twin sons, in one hot second. First though I want to tell you all about our Caption This photo contest. All you gotta do is take a look at the above pic of Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife and caption it by leaving your witty remarks in the below comments section. Then next Tuesday when a brand new picture and hot topic are posted come back here to see if your name is in print as the big winner. Super easy and loads of fun, plus who doesn’t have something to say about the disaster that is Brooke Mueller.

After admitting that she does in fact have addiction issues with Adderall, Brooke will try rehab once again to help kick her latest drug addiction. The news comes about a week after Mueller was rushed to the hospital after appearing unresponsive from taking too much of the drug that is normally used to help those who suffer from ADD. She checked into rehab last night which left many wondering who would care for her two boys, Max and Bob. Well it won’t be their father Charlie that is for sure. According to TMZ Mueller has decided that the best person to leave her kids with is none other than Denise Richards. Oh yes Charlie’s ex-wife #2 will be caring for the 3-years for an “indefinite amount of time”. It seems a little crazy to me that Denise would be the one left to parent the tots but TMZ reports that this is not the first time she has cared for the boys. As for why their dad isn’t taking care of them, well the obvious answer would be because he is Sheen but allegedly it is cause his Anger Management schedule is way to hectic for him to able to be a parent. I call B.S. on so many levels but that is post for another day. Here is hoping that rehab and Brooke Mueller will have a better outcome than the previous 18 times she has gone.

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