The Voice Behind The Scenes Videos

December 10, 2012

The Voice has been narrowed down to four amazing contestants and tonight the hit reality show will take a look back on each one of their journeys. Plus as the semi-finals get underway the remaining contestants will face off. It is going to be a big night on The Voice and below you will find some fantastic videos to check out.

It has been quite a season on The Voice but soon it will all come to an end and a winner will be announced. It is Adam’s two verses Blake’s two and tonight something unexpected will happen. I of course can’t tell you what that is because even I know what it is. However that doesn’t mean I don’t have some fabulous little preview videos for you. We have a glimpse at each of the final four, Trevin, Cassade, Terry and Nicholas on their individual Voice journey’s if you will.

Cassadee’s Journey

Trevin’s Journey

Nicholas’ Journey

Terry’s Journey

That was a nice trip down memory lane wasn’t it? If you thought those clips were good wait until you see this super cool clip called Vocal Promises. It features the four bosses, you know the final four, coming together to discuss the biggest job they have to pull off. The video is hysterical and will certainly put a smile on your face this Monday afternoon.

Last but by no means least below you find a fantastic video clip of Matchbox 20 backstage at The Voice talking about their upcoming tour as well as what it was like to share the stage with Trevin and Nicholas. I love me some Matchbox 20 and this video just reminds me why they freaking rock.

Monday night is heating up with the semi-finales of The Voice so be sure you don’t miss out on a minute of the fun, which begins at 8PM EST on NBC.



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