Survivor Philippines Episode 12 Recap

December 6, 2012

We begin our Survivor Philippines Episode 12 recap on Night 30 at Camp Dangrayne. Abi now knows all about the Gang of Four and their power alliance. With Jonathan Penner gone, Abi is now the most likely target. She continues to lie, playing on the fears that she has another hidden immunity idol. Meanwhile, Malcolm and Denise try to raise Lisa′s spirits as she struggles with her conscience over voting to boot Penner.

Day 31 and we have a Reward Challenge. It is the seasonal Survivor-Loved-Ones event. Working in pairs, the players and their loved ones will throw muddy bags at targets. First to knock them all down and the loved one of that player gets to spend the day and night at camp. The rejoining was very emotional as usual. The event itself was exciting and quite close, except for Abi and her mom. Malcolm and his brother Miles won. Jeff Probst allows Malcolm to invite another, so Malcolm chooses Lisa′s brother, Justice and winds up also inviting Skupin′s son, Mike Jr.

Back at camp, the guests make themselves at home. Miles talks too much, making Malcolm feel uneasy. But the real action is between Lisa and Justice as he tries to reinforce his sister′s will to play and win. Justice does succeed in helping Lisa with her game strategy and the willingness to make a big move. Together with Skupin, they plan for possibly blindsiding Malcolm. The next morning, Lisa, Skupin and their loved ones share a prayer together. Malcolm′s fate is now in God′s hands.

Day 33 and its time for the Immunity Challenge. Players will use a grapple to fish out three bags of pole parts submerged off shore. Then race to assemble a pole from bits and pieces to push down a target and release a banner. Carter, Lisa and Skupin hold an early lead, but Malcolm winds up winning immunity. So much for any blindside.

Malcolm now feels very comfortable. Between winning immunity, and having to play his hidden idol next time, he is now guaranteed a spot in the Final Four. The Gang of 4 must now decide who to boot next, Carter or Abi? Malcolm and Skupin discuss the matter as Carter joins their conversation. Michael tells Carter that he is a threat, but all agree that Abi is a horrible person. Speaking of which, Abi stirs up more trouble at camp, continuing her scheme of lying about having an idol.

At Tribal Council, Malcolm is relaxed and open about his position. Carter tries to pitch his cause that he deserves a shot at staying in The Game. Skupin says he likes Carter and respects him very much. But Lisa spills the beans and raises the issue that she would prefer facing The Jury with someone like Abi whom everyone hates. Abi uses the opening to lie some more about having an idol, which makes Jeff Probst laugh. Denise says that Abi is a horrible person and does not deserve to win anything.

It is time to vote. We see Carter and Abi trade votes. Jeff asks if anyone wants to play an idol and nobody does. Probst then tallies the ballots and its a 5 to 1 vote against Carter. This wraps up our Survivor Philippines Episode 12 recap. Spoilers for next week show Abi working on Lisa to flip her against Malcolm and Denise. Might we see a new alliance form between them and Skupin to go to the Final 3?

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