Survivor Philippines Episode 11 Recap

November 29, 2012

We begin the Survivor Philippines Episode 11 recap on Day 28. Abi has taken her drama queen antics up a notch or two after being hammered during the last Tribal Council. Her only ally, Pete, was voted off and she had to use her hidden immunity idol to stay in The Game. The new power alliance, the Gang of 4 consisting of Malcolm, Denise, Michael and Lisa, want her gone next. But on the slight chance that Abi may win immunity, veteran player Jonathan Penner is their back-up boot-target.

Tree-mail provides each player with $500 is cash. The Reward Challenge is the infamous ′Survivor Auction′. Abi is determined to use her money wisely. The rest don′t seem to care as they blow their money on donuts or pancake breakfasts. Everybody buys some food item to feast on, except Abi. She gets her wish when Jeff Probst offers ′an advantage′. Abi immediately bids $500 on it, and since nobody else has that kind of money, she wins it. Back at camp, Abi continues her pity-poor-me routine, ending what should have been a happy day on a sour note.

Day 29 and Abi is in a fighting mood. She has read her secret advantage and it is a good one. At the Immunity Challenge, she will automatically be in the final, third round. This will give her a one-in-three shot at winning immunity. But Abi is not content with just that. She pretends that she may also have another hidden immunity idol. Abi tries to work her charm on Malcolm, to convince him that she will be safe in the next Tribal Council.

Day 30 and its time for the Immunity Challenge. The event is another 3-part, tangled-rope obstacle course. Abi plays her advantage and lies about there being a second message related to an idol. Penner, Carter, Skupin, Malcolm and Denise win in Round One. Penner and Carter advance to Round Three to face Abi. The others sit and cringe as Abi takes an early lead and winds up winning immunity.

Back at camp, the Gang of 4 decide to target Penner. Lisa is wobbly on this because she has become too friendly with Jonathan. She winds up talking with Penner and tells him that he is the target. So Jonathan starts working his charms, first by getting Carter and Abi to go along with him and target Denise. Then he tries to convince Skupin to switch sides and join them. Michael seems slightly interested.

At Tribal Council. Jeff Probst praises Abi for her remarkable comeback. Denise is not happy, saying that the group′s tolerance of Abi has run out. Penner then exposes the Gang of 4 alliance and warns all that if Malcolm or Denise go to the finals, they would win. Malcolm realizes that Lisa spilled the beans but tells her it′s okay. Lisa feels torn and has a minor emotional meltdown. Skupin seems to be backing up Jonathan′s concerns about Malcolm and Denise shafting the rest.

It is time to vote! The Gang of 4 remain solid and Penner gets the boot 4-3 against Denise. Jonathan hugs Carter and tells the rest to go suck eggs! So ends our Survivor Philippines Episode 11 recap. Spoilers for next week show the family members visiting. For some it is very emotional, for others, namely Malcolm, it may be embarrassing!

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