Scream And Shout Music Video

November 26, 2012

Britney Spears has a new music video out with called Scream and Shout. The single leaked early but had a great response. The music video isn’t set to release till Wednesday, where it will premiere on XFactor, but there is a teaser and it looks great. Britney looks hot!

Britney teased fans with some images, and promised to follow as many people as she could, if they made the single promo their profile pic. That is unique marketing!

With all that being said, y personal opinion of the song is = blah. it isn’t bad – but it is nothing new. It sounds like a song off of her last album and it just isn’t doing anything for me. I kind of expected big things with a collaboration with but it just fell short for me. seems amped about it though tweeting over the weekend,

“I just saw the final video for #screamANDshout…I’m so happy and excited for everyone to see it…this week is going to be a good week,” will tweeted over the weekend.

The single is off of his forthcoming solo album, #willpower, which also features collabs with Justin Bieber and Ne-Yo.

I am definitely excited to hear those tracks. And I will hold off all judgements on the Scream And Shout Music Video until it officially debuts. Check out a sneak peek below and then sound off in the comment section.

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