Justin Bieber Overalls (PHOTO): Fashion Fail With Prime Minister

November 26, 2012

Yes, he is the biggest thing EVER to come out of Canada…eh? But the Justin Bieber overalls photo is hysterical – and I can’t believe he would wear them to meet the Prime Minister. This owes him fashion fail of the utmost degree.

Even scrappy, tattooed, herion-addict looking celebrities usually make an attempt at cleaning up if they are going to meet a dignitary. I think I’ve seen characters like Tommy Lee wearing suits – even if they leave out the tie.

So what if you are the biggest, most successful celebrity to come out of your country? Shouldn’t you at least throw on a button-up polo to meet the Prime Minister of said country? Sure.

But my issue is not that he wore a ridiculous, striped, three-stooges outfit to accept a big award….it’s that he wore it in the first place.

One strap off, big, goofy hat on backwards and sideways, and a painfully ugly pair of shoes. Come on, Justin. You can do better.

What do you think about the Justin Beiber overalls photo? Is it a total fail?

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