Olivier Martinez & Gabriel Aubry Thanksgiving Brawl

November 23, 2012

It was not such a happy Thanksgiving for Halle Berry. A brawl between her fiance’ Olivier Martinez and her baby daddy Gabriel Aubry broke out at her house. The fight resulted with Aubry being taken away in handcuffs.

There is no love lost between Halle and Gabriel that is for sure, especially since she was denied the right to move their daughter Nahla to France. Well apparently all the tension got to a boiling point over the holiday. Allegedly what went down was Aubry was dropping off the pretty little girl to her moms house when some tense words were exchanged between himself and Olivier. This led to a full blown fight between the two men. The end result left Martinez with a bloody cut up hand, according to alleged photos that have emerged and Aubry being hauled away by the cops. He was later released and has yet to be formally charged with any crime. Each guy sustained an injury, Martinez with his hand and Gabriel has a couple of broken ribs.

Both men are reportedly saying that the other started the nasty fight. However it appears that Halle’s security camera’s caught the entire brawl, which means at some point the truth with come. Well unless of course the footage is tampered with, just sayin. According to reports Gabriel is saying that once the video footage is turned over to the police it will become clear that Oliver started the whole thing. The investigation is ongoing despite as I said above no formal charges being filed.

I personally think it was only a matter of time before this kind of fight broke out between the two men in Halle’s life. After all things are not so happy with Berry and her ex and it seems only fitting that her current man would want to defend her honor so to speak. I just hope that for the sake Nahla these adults keep her out of the middle of their drama.

What do you think about the Olivier Martinez and Gabriel Aubry brawl?

Photos: PR Photos

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