One Direction & The Wanted Twitter Feud Gets Heated

November 23, 2012

Two of today’s hottest boy bands are in a serious Twitter feud. The boys of One Directions and The Wanted took to Twitter to well basically talk trash about each other and it got a little heated.

The little Twitter feud between The Wanted and One Direction all began when Zayn Malik, singer for One Direction, sent a Tweet dissing The Wanted’s Max George. See George uploaded a picture of himself and Psy with the Tweet “Psy, writing, “The first step is acceptance #geekoftheweek.” For whatever reason Zayn decided he was going to comment on that with the below Tweet.

@MaxTheWanted p.s your display just how’s how much of a wannabe you are :)

Clearly that didn’t go over to well with Max, so began the war of words that went a little something like this.

“That’s not very nice. I was just starting to like you and your RnB hits.”

After that reinforcements were brought in so to speak with Tony Parker speaking up for his bandmate Max.

“I think ’1 stripes’ got his knickers in a twist bro,”

For whatever reason that seemed to be slam at the blonde strip in Malik’s hair but I am not sure exactly why or what it means. None the less then one of Zayn’s bandmates, Louis Tomlinson had to defend his boy with these words.

“Pipe down bad boy.”

Good comeback I know but remember they are young. A few more unimpressive jabs were traded back in forth on the social media site before the guys eventually tried to make a joke out of the feud and deleted the Tweets. There are some more floating around out there that you can find if you really want to but in all honesty I don’t know why you would. Seriously this might have beent the most boring use of Twitter ever. If you are going to have a Twitter fight at least make it good.

All of that being said I do think the the One Direction guy should have kept his mouth shut. Seriously the Tweet that started it all off was really nothing for him to comment on in my opinion. Then again I am not really into either of the bands so it could just be me. So now that I have said my peace how about you tell me yours and be sure to check out the below videos.

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