Survivor Philippines Episode 10 Recap

November 22, 2012

We begin the Survivor Philippines Episode 10 recap on Night 23 as the Dangrayne Tribe returns from Tribal Council. Artis has been voted out and the old Tandang Tribe alliance has fallen apart as veteran player Michael Skupin switched sides. His partner, Lisa Whelchel, is also now ready to flip after Abi declared Lisa untrustworthy. Will the new alliance of six hold together to finish off Abi and Pete?

Day 24 and Lisa has yet another chat with Abi. The topic once again is tribal loyalty and Lisa tries to make her case that she has been loyal to Tandang all along, but still gets treated like dirt. Abi washes her hands of Lisa as it is clear to all that Lisa is switching sides.

The Reward Challenge pits two teams in a game to turn over three large drums in order to show their emblems on one side. One player from each team will race about three circles, each with a set of drums, turning theirs over and flipping the other team′s face-down. When one team has all three face up, they score a point. First team to score three points wins a spa day and lunch. The Red Team of Abi, Pete, Malcolm and Carter wins thanks to mistakes made by Skupin. Abi also messed up handing one point to the others, but it was not enough.

The winners arrive at ′Spa Island′ by boat and begin their feasting. Cold drinks, hot food, hot baths and relaxing massages are the order of the day. Malcolm insists on no strategy talks and the others agree. Returning to camp, Abi annoys the losers with her lengthy descriptions of all of the food and pampering they had. She then declares that she will no longer help in cooking meals. This raises the bar on tribal tensions.

Day 27 the Alliance of 6 plots to get rid of Abi or Pete. But Malcolm tries to cement a Final Four deal with Skupin, to have them along with Denise and Lisa go all the way. Skupin seems agreeable and chats with Lisa who ise uncertain. She likes Penner and would prefer sticking with him. So Skupin and Lisa talk with Jonathan, but he is not yet ready to commit to any future alliances. Penner′s focus is on getting Abi and Pete out first. Lisa decides that she gave Jon a fair chance and he turned it down, so she goes along with Malcolm′s Final Four.

It is time for the Immunity Challenge. A three-stage event to get a buoy through tangled ropes. Abi, Pete and Lisa fail to succeed in Round One. Malcolm and Penner lose in Round Two. Denise, Skupin and Carter battle it out in the final round as they work their buoys through a rope wrapped about a canoe. Skupin seems to be in the lead but with Carter right behind him. In the end, Carter gets a break and a burst of speed, winning Immunity!

Back at camp, the Alliance of Six decides to split their vote to force Abi to play her idol. If she does not, then they will vote her off in the re-vote. Pete and Abi scramble to find an ally to help blindside Malcolm, but there are no takers. Pete tries to convince Skupin that his new alliance will betray him, and Michael gives this serious thought.

At Tribal Council, Malcolm knows that Abi and Pete have been trying to target him. Skupin admits that Malcolm having an idol is a cause of concern. Pete knows that he is marked for booting. Abi regrets her attack on Lisa and tries to make excuses about her having language and cultural differences from living in Brazil. Denise thinks Abi is all wet and trashes her as being just a miserable person. This causes Abi to cry. Boo-Hoo! Even Jeff Probst gets into the act trying to convince Abi that she has made too many enemies. It is time to vote.

We see Abi vote for Malcolm and him voting for Pete. Abi does play her idol as Jeff Probst counts the votes. Abi and Pete cast two against Malcolm while the rest split between Abi and Pete. Since she played her idol, Abi survives and Pete is sent home. So ends our Survivor Philippines Episode 10 recap. Spoilers for next week show that the new alliance may be cracking as Penner is upset that Lisa Whelchel has dumped their friendship. Meanwhile, Abi gets a taste of her own medicine!

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