Bruce & Kris Jenner Divorce Rumors Heat Up

November 19, 2012

The rumors that Kris and Bruce Jenner are getting a divorce are heating up again and this time they are running ramped all over the Internet. Is there any truth to these tabloid accusations, well you know what they say where there is smoke there is fire.

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The National Enquirer is the lastest tabloid to run the story that there is trouble in paradise between Kris and Bruce. Fans of Keeping Up With The Kardashians will recall that this past season actually spent some time on the fact that the couple was having problems. Now whether they were real problems or made for TV problems who knows but need less to say the duo made up on screen. Fast forward a few months later and the rumor mill is a buzz that the momager and the olympian are headed for divorce court. In the article that the tabloid is running claims that Bruce is secretly meeting with lawyers and is sick of the TV show, Kris flirting with younger guys, her obessession with everything Kardashian and last that she treats him like a doormat. I watch the show and I live the Kardashiians but I have to say Kris totally treats Bruce like crap, just my opinion.

Despite all the rumors Kris maintains that she and her hubby of 21-years are doing just fine. She recently gave an interview to Access Hollywood and claimed there is no truth to the rumors. She laughed it off, as you can see in the below video, she said it goes with the territory and that the duo are subject to those kind of rumors at least once a week. I personally think that despite how she treats Bruce he will never leave her. I don’t really have the same confidence in Kris but I suppose she will stay with him because it will give her too much bad publicity. I know I am bashing her but what can I say the momager is my least favorite of the Kardashian clan mostly because of how she treats her hubby who appears to put up with so much crapola from the family.

Only time will tell if the Kris and Bruce Jenner divorce rumors are true or not but at this time I kind of think they are just a rumor. I am sure this won’t be the last time we hear these two are splitting either. Now that I am have given you my two cents how about you let me know what you think about the rumors that the Jenner’s are divorcing.

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