Nik Richie, Doug Hutchinson Feud Gets Ugly!

November 19, 2012

The Nik Richie, Doug Hutchinson beef is starting to heat up — all thanks to Hutchinson’s barely legal wife. You may know her as Courtney Stodden, the youngster made headlines for marrying a man in his fifties. Well, now she may be putting her hubby in an even more compromising situation than their nuptials were.

It’s not often that a girl who is only 18-years-old tries to set her much older husband up to get beat up by a much younger, more physically fit guy. But that’s exactly what this Courtney character has done. According to sources, Courtney has actually called out Richie, who by the way started, and challenged him to actually fight her hubby:

“My hubby challenges Nik to a street fight. Is he man enough to accept? Let’s see how tough he is w/out a keyboard in his hands!!”

First off, it’s obvious that Stodden and Hutchinson (pictured above) are fame-whores. The entire thing started off that way, and thank goodness it hasn’t really worked. The marriage itself was all over the tabloids, and they did a few paid appearances afterwards, but then it fizzled.

Shortly after they ended up on Couples Therapy, which is some kind of dumping ground for D-listers who can’t find the path to stardom.

It is there that they met Nik Richie, who apparently couldn’t help himself from making negative comments to them about how young Courtney is. He even said something like:

“Doug at least when your wife finds the next best thing you can always bang her Mom…”

Sure, all of this has certainly pissed of Stodden, who at her age doesn’t know how to let things brush off of her shoulders. Naturally she has come up with a high-school solution: an actual fist fight.

Before long we will be hearing about how some fight promoter has picked this thing up and it will end up on Pay Per View.

I might pay to see that. Sigh.

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