Pink’s AMA Performance Moving (Video)

November 19, 2012

There were a number of amazing performances last night at the American Music Awards. However its was Pinks AMA performance that was not only moving but has people talking still today. If you missed the show never fear you can see the video of Pink right here. It truly see a must see video.

Pink performed her song “Try” last night at the AMA’s. If you have heard the song then you know it deals with abuse and that it is a pretty amazing song. Well last night during the live show the singer, along with the help of Colt Prattes, a very nice looking male dancer, acted out the song.  Viewers got not only a very chilling performance but one that was oh so moving. For me personally I was brought to tears and no I am not exaggerating. The physicality of the performance was unfreaking believable. Pink showed that not only is she an awesome singer and dancer but she is one heck of an athlete as well.

If you are a fan of the singers you know that the performance was literally based off of the video for the song. That is right Pink took the video and turned it into a live production, something that is not easy to do.  I mean to say that she topped herself again would not be an understatement. The amazing performer is never one to play it safe or shy away from pushing the envelope, if you will and last night just proved that. Let me just say this what Pink did last night was very more outstanding than the killer dance she did to “Glitter In The Air” back in 2010. If you recall she performed upside down, suspended in mid-air, and nearly naked during that show. I know it may seem hard to top that but she did.

Alot of people are taking about Pink’s AMA performance of “Try” and I am one of them. I have always been a fan of hers but after last night I have even more respect for her than before, she truly is an artist. That is of course just my thoughts on the subject. What I want you to do is take a look at the below video and then let me know what you think about think about it.

Photo: PR Photos

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