Up All Night Thanksgiving Preview Videos

November 15, 2012

Thanksgiving is only a week away but tonight on Up All Night it is Thanksgiving, Brinkley style. That can mean only one thing. The show is going to be laugh out loud funny and if you don’t believe me then just check out the below preview videos to see what I am talking about.

I personally love it when TV shows do a holiday themed episode and tonight’s Up All Night is no exception. Let me just start off by saying that of course with this hilarious sitcom it won’t be your everyday Thanksgiving. In fact it probably isn’t going to be all the warm and fuzzy family crap either but no doubt it will make you giggle and pull at your heart strings a little bit.

Kicking off our fun preview of Up All Night is a video clip that consists of Reagan having a brilliant idea to travel over Turkey Day. Needless to say things don’t quite go according to her plan and the family must spend the holiday in Los Angeles. It doesn’t sound terrible at all but you know Reagan can blow things out of proportion. Take a look for yourself.

Hilarious and that is not all. In the below clip things get a little real, well as real as they can on show like Up All Night. Despite their traveling disaster Chris and Reagan are determined to have a good old fashioned Thanksgiving. We all know that sometimes when the Brinkley’s are determined things don’t actually go their way, take a peek at the below clip to see if that is true in this case.

I love the Brinkley’s and I for one can’t wait to see what they have in store for Thanksgiving. Oh and let us not forget about Ava no doubt she will pull out some very funny laughs for this special episode. Be sure to tune in tonight to NBC to catch a brand new Up All Night and then let me know what you think

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