Survivor Philippines Episode 9 Recap

November 15, 2012

Lisa Whelchel played a big part last night as we begin our Survivor Philippines Episode 9 recap. The star from ′The Facts of Life′ caused quite a stir on Night 22 at Tribal Council, outing Malcolm and his hidden immunity idol. This led to Abi showing her idol. Michael Skupin, a veteran player, was nervously happy that Lisa took one on the chin, saving him from being a target. Now that Jeff Ghent is gone, Skupin and fellow veteran player Jonathan Penner are now high on the target list. So how will they survive another day?

Day 23 and the old Tandang Tribe outnumbers the old Kalabawa Tribe 5 to 4. Jonathan is looking for possible cracks in their alliance to exploit and Lisa and Michael appear to be the best bets for flipping. But first we have a Reward Challenge where the group is divided into two teams of four each, with Abi sitting it out. One at a time, they must race through a muddy obstacle course to find four bags, each containing three balls. Once all four bags are found, the teams must toss the balls into a basket perched high above them on a pole. The winning tribe gets to visit a local village, taking them school supplies and toys, then stay for lunch.

The Red Team has Jonathan, Carter, Denise and Malcolm, the whole Kalabawa Tribe. Yellow Team is all Tandang with Michael, Lisa, Pete and Artis. Jonathan and Michael go first, but Jonathan gives his team an edge by taking an extra moment to find all four bags in the mud, leaving the three for his team mates in a corner. So the Red Team builds a huge lead and easily wins the challenge scoring 12 balls to just 6.

The winners are given a warm welcome by the villagers. They frolic with the children bringing smiles to all. Malcolm considers devoting his life to teaching, which he had done before in Micronesia. Between BBQ pork and beers, they discuss strategy and flipping Lisa and or Michael to gain the advantage. Back at camp, the losers wallow in misery and vent about booting Jonathan as soon as possible. Artis and Pete want to hold their alliance together, but Abi is making that difficult when she starts badgering Lisa.

Day 24 and its time for the Immunity Challenge. Each player must manipulate a long, over-sized paddle with six places to hold balls which must be rolled into position. The event is a tricky one with only Michael and Pete having any success. Both get four of the six balls in place before Pete loses balance and must start over. Skupin wins immunity for the first time!

So the scrambling begins back at camp as Jonathan tries his best to flip Lisa. Abi wishes they could boot Michael instead! The old Kalabawa Tribe decides to target Artis since Abi has an idol and Pete is her closest ally. Lisa is torn about her alliance and wants to be loyal to the old Tandang Tribe. So Jonathan and Malcolm work on Michael, who later talks with Lisa about strategy.

At Tribal Council, Lisa says that the Kalabawa Tribe was more gracious to her after the last TC than her own alliance. This sets off Abi who is offended. Artis gloats about his alliance having the numbers, but Denise tells him he should not be too comfortable. Jonathan hopes they can flip somebody. Skupin is happy he has immunity this time. Lisa thinks The Game is changing her life. Denise and Abi bicker over who has superior numbers this upcoming vote. This leads Abi to throw Lisa under the bus ans expendable. Oh-oh!

It is time to vote. We see Pete vote for Jonathan and Denise vote for Artis. Nobody plays an idol as Jeff Probst counts the ballots. The result is 5 to 4 against Artis, with Michael Skupin flipping to join Jonathan and the old Kalabawa Tribe. Abi looks like she is ready to explode!

So ends our Survivor Philippines Episode 9 recap. Lisa Whetchel did indeed play a role this week and spoilers for next time show her and Michael Skupin more involved. He wants to flip her over for good and finish disposing of Abi and Pete. We shall see how that works out.

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One Response to “Survivor Philippines Episode 9 Recap”

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    Chris Says:

    I think that Jonathan may have actually saved himself for a while with his conversion of Mike during tribal last night. He has been the prime target for elimination in the last 3 weeks, but it seems like he always finds a way out. I was talking to a coworker about the show, and she was really disappointed that Lisa stayed with the former Tandang members. I wonder who will hold the power in the new alliance, or if it will even be around next week because things have been so unpredictable since the tribe merger.