Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Split

November 10, 2012

Another celebrity couple has gone kaput and this time it was a young couple, who everyone pretty much knew wasn’t going to last. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have split. This is not a rumor it has been confirmed the Biebs is back on the market.

Girls all over the world are jumping with joy now that teen sensation Bieber is once again single. News broke late last night, way to try to sneak it in hoping that people wouldn’t notice, that the young love birds were dunzo. The official confirmation came shortly after rumors began that perhaps Justin might have had a little affair with Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin. The two were spotted together at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show the other night. According to Gossip Cop the Selena was the one who did the dumping and that the two have actually been broke up for over a week. The site says that the Disney star ended the relationship over busy schedules and trust issues, interesting that the trust issues comes out after the Palvin rumor. E! News was the first to confirm the break-up however neither a rep for Selena or Justin have confirmed that they are no longer together. All reports claim a “source” has confirmed the break-up, whatever the heck that means.

Fans are very passionate about this couple and their break-up has sent shock waves with many choosing sides. We all know that those Beliebers, the die-hard fans of the Biebs, can get very passionate about the 18-year old singing sensation. Remember the death threats that came to the woman who accused Justin of being her baby daddy, yeah these fans donot mess around. Obviously this break-up with Selena is causing some of these Beliebers to come out of the woodwork and their number one target is Gomez. Twitter and Facebook are blowing up with support for their idol and well lets just say some not so nice things about his former lady love.

Although they are broke up that doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t get back together. You know how young love is sometimes you just can’t stay away from each other. But based on some recent spottings that a reconciliation doesn’t seem to be in the works right now. As I said above he has been spotted with Barbara while Selana has been reportedly spending time with Two and Half Men star Jake T. Austin.

The break-up of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber is being called the second most shocking Hollywood break-up of 2012, Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart’s brief break-up was the most shocking. I personally though am not surprised that this young couple has fizzled out. They are famous, rich, young, good looking and have their whole lives ahead of them it is no wonder they have called it quits. Do I think they have a great love connection that can stand the test of time, maybe but I doubt it. They are the Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears of today but that is just my opinion on the topic. Feel free to share your thoughts with me on this latest Hollywood break-up, I know you have an opinion on it.


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