Mary Jane Montoy: 2012 Gerber Baby

November 6, 2012

Meet cute lil’ Mary Jane Montoy. She is the 2012 Gerber Baby, and winner of the $50,000 prize! She competed in the annual search among 300,000 other hopefuls and took home the grand prize! She not only won the cash but will also be the face of the brand in several ad campaigns!

Now let me tell you, I have entered my kids into this contest for two years. Of course I think THEY should have won, but this little girl is gorgeous and obviously has a unique look that they were searching for. I received the email update notifying me of the winners (there are other categories as well, but they only have a $10K prize) and I went to the page to see more. Well I was just disgusted with some of the comments that were posted. Does little Mary Jane look like the original Gerber baby, Ann Turner Cook? No, but she is beautiful in her own right, and deserves that win.

Some of the comments were just hateful and it makes me wonder about people. How can someone say such things like:

Ugh! Is this a joke? or pick an ugly kid campaign?


Really that baby beat out 300,000 other babies? Really?


This is almost as bad as the presidential election. Judges be trippin.

Uggh….One of my favorite comments was,

There is always a winner in every contest,one should know themselves if they handle defeat,please please let’s if nothing else teach our children good clean sportsmanship,,,Everyone’s children are beautiful…money is ruining everything…Congrats to the little sweetheart that won…

Really, people, really? I will not be entering my children in contests such as this one again. I was just reminded of how ignorant, childish and rude people can be. Internet trolls! How can people bully a baby? Yes, bully. Shame on you! This baby is beautiful. There were a zillion nice comments too, but I am just so disgusted that there is even ONE negative, hateful or rude comment directed towards an innocent baby.

The original Gerber baby, Ann Turner Cook, thought that sweet Mary Jane “is just adorable, and she is a delightful little person.”

We at Right Celebrity congratulate Mary Jane Montoy. She is sweet little angel and we are excited for her win!

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