Up All Night Halloween Preview Videos

October 25, 2012

It is Halloween on the hit NBC show Up All Night, woohoo! Fans get prepared for some hysterically spooky comedy that only the cast of Up All Night can bring to you.

In this week’s episode Ava and Walt decide to build a haunted house. I know what you are thinking disaster right, well I am not going to say anything other than it turns out to be some terrifying shiz. That being said take a little glimpse at what you can expect from Up All Night this evening.I seriously cannot wait for the show, that Maya Rudolph cracks me up!

Since it is Halloween on Up All Night I thought it might be nice to include some behind the scenes videos from the cast. Oh yes first up we have Christina Applegate and Will Arnett dishing about their show’s special themed episode. They do it in a way that these two trained comedians only can and it will make you laugh out loud.

Not to be outdone by Will and Christina, Maya and Shawn Hayes dish up some goodies for fans as well. These two aren’t just sticking to Halloween though they are chatting about their costumes, Christmas and well a couple of other random thing. Basically they are talking about whatever the heck they want and it is good, so be sure to watch the below clip.

Last but by no means least I give to you a nice little clip from cast newbie Luka Jones who gives fans some insight into how his character Scott celebrates Halloween. I am such a huge fan of his and am so glad he joined the show and the below clip will show prove to why I think he is awesome.

>Well my friends there you have it some fantastic Halloween themed video clips from NBC’s Up All Night, which as I am sure you are all aware by now airs tonight at 8:30PM tonight! Like I said I can’t wait not only do I love special holiday, yes Halloween is a holiday, themed episode shows. 

Ok my faithful readers this is what I want you to do tune into the show tonight then come back here and share your favorite moment from the episode, if you can pick just one.

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