X-Factor Contestant David Correy Finds His Mother!

October 20, 2012

If you’ve been following this season of X-Factor you know that it’s been an emotional one. It’s only the second season of the show to air in the United States, and it’s already obvious why it is such a hit overseas. One contestant named David Correy has probably won something even better than the recording contract.


You might recognize him as the tattooed singer who always wears a fedora. When he had the chance to tell some of his personal life to the audience, he admitted that he was put up for adoption when he was only one year old in Brazil. He even dedicated a song to her on the show.

During the segment X-Factor aired some of his baby pictures, which a woman in Brazil managed to get a funny feeling about. She had a gut feeling that he was her son, so she started digging.

After seeking out court records, she found out that he was actually her son. From there, she contacted the local news media, who in turn tracked down David.

All of the parts of the story line up, from the birth records, to the location of the orphanage. The only thing left to do is a DNA test, but it seems like the singer is excited to meet her.

If I was the X-Factor producers, I would figure out a way to get their reunion on tape. It could be a huge tear-jerking thing to add to an already successful season. Imagine flying mama up to the United States to watch him perform…now that would be good television.

Check out a video of David Correy on X-Factor. We’re happy for him.

Visit his Twitter page to keep up with him.

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