Survivor Philippines Episode 5 Recap

October 18, 2012

We begin the Survivor Philippine Episode 5 recap on Night 10 at the camp of the Matsing Tribe. Denise and Malcolm are the only two remaining members after voting out the Survivor veteran, Russell. They ponder their fate, including the possibility that they might get split up the next day between the other two tribes, Tandang and Kalabawa. So are these two allies doomed?

Day 11 and tree mail announces a Reward Challenge. At Matsing, Denise and Malcolm scramble to find the hidden immunity idol. They tear the camp site apart until Malcolm focuses on the rice container. Finding nothing inside except rice, he looks over the container from bottom to top, and finds the idol on the lid. Denise is happy, although she worries that if they get split up, the idol will not do her any good.

At the Reward Challenge, Matsing′s fears come true. Jeff Probst tells Denise and Malcolm to drop their buffs and draw from a bag. Denise goes to Kalabawa and Malcolm joins Tandang. The challenge itself is a one-on-one battle where one player from each tribe squares off to knock over a small statute each must hold. The player who succeeds in each round wins one point for their tribe. The first tribe to win 5 points wins a basket full of sugary food. The battle is fairly even until Tandang is up 4 to 3. Malcolm scores the winning point for Tandang, making him the hero of the day.

The winners return to Tandang Beach and celebrate, munching away at muffins and chocolate chip cookies. Malcolm is quickly integrated into the tribe. Pete even offers him to join his alliance with Abi, Lisa and Artis, and lets Malcolm know that they have an idol. Over at Kalabawa, Denise is also trying to fit in with her new tribe. All seem happy to have her except RC.

Day 12 and the rain is taking its toll on Dana at Kalabawa. She is very sick. Dehydrated, nausea, abdominal cramps, fever and pain. The others try to comfort her but the medics are called in. Jeff arrives with them and Dana is diagnosed to have some sort of an infection. The medics say they would give her another 12 hours to try to improve before acting. Jeff asks Dana what she wants to do? She can only be forced out if her condition is life threatening. Dana chooses to quit The Game. She′s spent and has had enough. The rest of Kalabawa bids her goodbye. Katie is unhappy that her best ally is now gone.

Day 13 and its time for the Immunity Challenge. Both tribes will race through a series of obstacles to reach a drawbridge which must be lowered by untying ropes. Then chop another rope to release a pile of bamboo, some of which have letters on them. Two players from each tribe will then solve the word puzzle. Tandang starts off with a good lead due to Katie slowing Kalabawa down. But the tribes even up at the drawbridge. Tandang regains the lead but, again, both tribes are nearly dead even as they solve the puzzle. With just a winning margin of one or two seconds, Tandang finishes first.

Back at camp, the Kalabawa tribe must now face Tribal Council for the first time. That is except for Denise, who has been there plenty. Katie and Dawson are deemed the weak links and become targets. Denise is worried about being a target as well, until Jeff offers her an alliance with the men. She naturally accepts. While Carter wants Katie gone, Jonathan and Jeff are leaning more towards booting Dawson. Especially after she starts playing mind games with Jeff, as Dawson is the only one who knows that he was a former pro baseball player.

At Tribal Council, Dawson says that Dana leaving hurt their tribe a lot. Jonathan is not happy about facing Tandang being down two players. Katie admits to not doing well this last challenge. Dawson thinks that Denise is a good competitor, but hopes the tribe still finds her an important member. Jeff says his vote tonight is for a weak link. Its time to vote! We do not see any of the ballots. Jeff Probst tallies the vote and its 5 to 1 against Dawson, who cast her vote against Denise.

Thus ends this Survivor Philippines Episode 5 recap. Spoilers for next week show the tribes getting more physical and dirty in the challenges. With just twelve players left, things will start to get very interesting!

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One Response to “Survivor Philippines Episode 5 Recap”

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    Sarah Says:

    I wouldn’t have predicted Dawson would be the one eliminated this week, but maybe that is because I didn’t even know she was a contestant. I was really disappointed that the first time we have a tribe besides Matsing at tribal council it was for a rather unimportant elimination. I was talking to a coworker who thought that the way the all-girls alliance fell apart so fast is telling of how strong these early alliances are. I am glad that Malcolm and Denise were not ostracized in the other tribes and I hope they both make it far.