Neal Schon & Michaele Salahi Engaged

October 15, 2012

Journey rocker Neal Schon and Michaele Salahi are now engaged. That is right the White House crasher who left her hubby for the singer will soon be a married woman again.

Last night Neal popped the question and Michaele said yes. In true rocker fashion Schon called his now fiance’ up on stage during a performance and asked for her hand in marriage. The proposal went down while Journey was playing a benefit for Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center and Salahi was given a 11.42 carat ring that is freaking gorgeous. TMZ has pictures of the rock and you can check them out right here. Sources are saying that the singer completely surprised his bride to be with the proposal, which also included the band playing their hit song Faithfully.

As you may recall the couple made headlines when she ran off with Neal leaving her husband Tareq wondering what the heck was going on. Before he scandalous affair so to speak Michaele and Tareq were known best as the White House crashers who appeared on The Real Housewives of D.C. Well these days it looks like she has traded in her political housewife duties for following her man on the road. That is quite a sudden lifestyle change if you ask me. Things got a little dicey between the Salahi’s there for awhile with Tareq suing his former wife and her new lover for revenue lost due to the fact that he could not make it as a reality TV star without her. Things must have gotten sorted out because Michaele and Tareq were officially divorced in August.

Congrats go out to the happy couple on the news of their engagement. No word on when they plan on tying the knot but given that they just got engaged last night that is not a big surprise at all.  Anyone want to take bets on how long this marriage will last or better yet if they will actually make it to the altar. I personally think they will get married, they love publicity and nothing is better publicity than a wedding or a baby, just sayin.  That is what I have to say on this topic what do you think of Schon and Salahi getting engaged?

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