PHOTOS: Robert Pattinson With New Girl?

October 10, 2012

Are there photos of Robert Pattinson getting his Edward style crush on with another chick? That’s what the claim is on the web tonight, which is most likely sending the Twilight world into a tizzy.

Just in case you live under a moss-covered rock buried in several feet of ice, I will update you.

Since the epic cheating scandal between Kristen Stewart and the director of her latest hit film broke, everyone assumed she and R-Patz were done. Then came the news that they might be on the mend. This gave people hope. Those people who follow their relationship and somehow connect it to their onscreen romance in Twilight were thrilled.

Now Pattinson is apparently being caught in a set of photos with some new girl. It is utterly crushing to his fans, I’m sure.

The incident occurred at a place called Electric Room bar in New York City. Some anonymous “sources” claim that he was getting extremely comfortable with some blonde gal, and even had his arm around her as if they were in a relationship.

Could it be just a drunk buddy to cuddle with? Or is there something more?

Some people think this is proof that there will be no rebound between the two Twilight stars.

If anything, I think it proves that the whole thing is a crock. In my eyes, the entire cheating scandal is a conspiracy. I think they knew that interest in the saga was waning, and needed a way to give it a boost. They cooked up an idea of a cheating scandal just to give attention back to the films–and it worked.

Then when everyone was feeling desperate about it they all of a sudden said they would be trying to work it out. Bah! What a bunch of nonsense.

I think these two are still together, and this girl is just someone he is hanging out with on the side. We’ll see. Check out the photos of Robert Pattinson with the new girl HERE.


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One Response to “PHOTOS: Robert Pattinson With New Girl?”

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    lindsay Says:

    i support that he goes for a new girl. he deserves better