Kate Gosselin Abuse Allegations Surface!

September 26, 2012

Allegations that Kate Gosselin is an abusive parent have once again surfaced and this time there could actually be proof.

Reporter Robert Hoffman is making some serious allegations against the reality TV mom. According to RadarOnline Robert is claiming that Kate beat her kids with a wooden spoon as well as yanking the kids around by their hair. Along with that he accuses the Kate Plus 8 star of punishing her children for minor things like trying to climb out of their crib and not getting the jist of potty training quick enough for her liking.

If those accusations aren’t enough it gets worse. Allegedly Hoffman has found secret journals that Gosselin used to help her wrote her two books, Multiple Bles8ings and EightLittle Faces. The notes are apparently very damaging and could actually be the proof that she abuses her kid. Allegedly one journal entry talks about how when a couple of the kids ate M&M’s without permission she pulled them by the hair and spanked them really really hard. Another entry tells the story about one day when son Colin threw a hissy fit, like all kids do, she pulled him up by the hair and whipped him into his crib, she even goes to say to that day she really thought she might hurt her own child. Some seriously that is some scary shiz and I sure hope someone is taking these accusations seriously. As you can tell by the couple journal entries that were stated above it kind of seems like the journals are from when the kids were younger. I would certainly hope she doesn’t have any of them sleeping in a crib.

Along with the RadarOnline story Star magazine has made Kate their cover story for the week with similar accusations. The story talks about the abuse, Kate’s wild drunken nights out you know that kind of juicy stuff that may or may not be considering the source and by that I mean the tabloid magazine. Considering that I am so not a fan of Gosselin I find myself wondering what is really true. Usually i am all about being a hater when it comes to her but considering the nature of these allegations I am going to reserve my normal negative Kate bashing right now. That being said here is hoping that the truth about what kind of parent she is comes out soon for the sake of her kids. Perphas TLC might have some behind the scenes footage that could tell viewers if she really is an abusive paretn, just sayin.

This is one hot and sensitive topic and I want to hear your two cents on it.

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