Johanna Cardona Sex Tape (Video)

August 7, 2007

Johanna Cardona is the latest Latin celebrity to be involved in a sex tape scandal, following in the naughty footsteps of Noelia and Galilea Montijo. She also goes by Joanna, Joana, and Johana Cardona. We have one of her videos.

Johanna Cardona’s sex video was taken on cellular phone by her ex-boyfriend, Oscar Crespo. He threatened to release it after she dumped him, and somehow it make its way to the internet which he now claims is an accident. He said that he sold the iPhone with the video mistakenly on it. Fat chance.

Go find the keys to the sex tape video and then check out this photo.

The video is very explicit. As a biography, she is a television journalist in Colombia and was fired from her job at TB3 television because of it. She is not taking this lying down. Here is Johanna’s interview with El Tiempo, a Colombian newspaper.

Q: How does this sex tape happen?
A: We were having a relationship for about a year. I trusted him. But look at what he has done with me! Many people told me he used to behave this way.

Q: Why did you stay with him?
A: Because I loved him. But when I realized he was not the man I expected, I ended the relationship.

Q: Who told you he was not a nice guy?
A: Friends told me he was addicted to women. I never realized he was like that.

Q: When was this video taken?
A: In January. We both agreed to do it.

Q: Did you ever think he would post it in the net?
A: No.

Q: Did he ever disrespect you before?
A: We had our trouble. My parents didn’t like him.

Q: Do you have a new boyfriend?
A: Yes.

Q: Who has supported you?
A: My boyfriend and my lawyer.

Q: What do you want to happen to Oscar Crespo?
A: I want him to pay for what he did. I want him in jail.

Photos are hard to find. See a video of Joanna Cardona below. She is perky and I like her!

Johanna Cardona Video

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