Prince Harry Porn Offer

August 25, 2012

Vivid Entertainment has reportedly offered Prince Harry $10 million dollars to appear in one of their infamous adult films. Well we all knew that was coming after those scandalous photos were leaked of him in his birthday suit.

It has been quite a week for Prince Harry. Hot on the heels of his not so relaxing vacation in Las Vegas that ended with him being caught in quite the embarrassing predicament comes the news that Harry has been offered the chance to do porn. According to TMZ Steve Hirsch, the head guy at Vivid Entertainment, has offered the prince a lot of cash to star in the XXX film The Trouble With Harry. Apparently he has sent a letter to the palace with the offer. No I am not kidding that is seriously what TMZ is reporting.

Steve is no stranger to making headlines or to well exploiting famous people to make adult films. What I want to know is does he really think this ridiculous offer is going to go anywhere? Seriously like the Royal family would ever let the scandalous Harry do a porn movie.

As the offer to get down and dirty on camera rolls in, USA Today is claiming that Prince Harry is about to have his first face to face with his father since photos of him in the buff surfaced. That is going to be one heck of a meeting; I have a feeling that someone is going to be getting a serious lecture.

Personally I think Vivid’s offer is freaking ridiculous and stupid. They are just looking to make headlines and well exploit Harry’s bad boy ways. Like I said above it is not like it will ever happen you know what I mean. Besides it isn’t like Harry needs the money, so although the cash might be appealing to someone else I am pretty sure that the guy third in line for the thrown is set for life, just sayin.

What do you think about the offer for Harry to do porn?

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