Robert Pattinson Moves Out!

July 27, 2012

The fallout from Kristen Stewart cheating on her boyfriend Roberr Pattinson continues and this time it is he who is making headlines. The hunky actor has reportedly moved out of the home he shared with his cheating girlfriend.

According People magazine Rob has taken a bold step in response to KStew’s cheating, he has moved out. The alleged change of address for Pattinson occurred on Thursday a mere day after Stewart admitted that she had hooked up with her Snow White Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. Her married director as I am sure you are all aware. She is disgusting if you ask me but that is for another article.

Up until this recent action Robert has been keeping his silence since the whole cheating scandal broke. Actually he still is keeping mum on the subject because there hasn’t even been a statement released by him but in this case his actions speak volumes. Here is the kicker though the house actually belongs to the British actor, so any move is probably going to be temporary. Seriously he should have kicked her but to the curb after what she did not left his own house.

As I said above the heartbroken actor has been able to keep quiet regarding the scandal so far but soon he will find himself in a publicity bonanza to promote his film Cosmopolis. The movie is being released in the United States on August 17th so he could start doing publicity as early as next week, which means the poor guy will undoubtedly be bombarded with questions about the cheating scandal and the status of his relationship[ with cheater Kristen. Then come November the couple, if they still are by then, will be forced to promote the last Twilight film Breaking Dawn Part 2.

That is the latest dirt on what is going on with Robert and Kristen. This cheating scandal fallout seems to be far from over if you ask me.

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