Kirstie Alley Sued Over Fake Weight Loss?

July 23, 2012

Kirstie Alley is being sued because some people actually think that she never lost the weight she says she did. So why does that matter and how can you be sued over it? Find out here.

Alright, so it’s one thing to lose a bunch of weight as a celeb. People just roll their eyes and say “sure, they have a personal trainer, and a professional chef to do whatever they want.”

That’s usually true. But the problem this time around is that one particular woman who tried a product called Organic Liaison that Kirstie sells on QVC is not happy at all.

First off, the product’s website has a big banner showing Alley with a smirk on her face. Here is how the website describes the product:

“The Organic Liaison program is a fresh approach to losing weight. Kirstie Alley gathered the best scientific minds to create a real plan that you can follow. We give you the customized tools, resources and support to help you lose weight, feel great, and win your personal Body Game. Learn, have fun, and count on Organic Liaison for a natural, healthy, and real solution to easy weight loss and long-term control.”

Wow, the “best scientific minds” are working on weight loss products? I guess they might have gotten tired of designing space ships and stuff like that. Based on the site, it just looks like a bunch of vitamins and supplements you take.

Anyway, the plaintiff Marina Abramyan says that Kirstie didn’t actually lose 100 lb using the product, but that she actually lost it dancing on Dancing With The Stars.

You mean you have to exercise to lose weight? Man, that makes me want to sue somebody too!

We don’t know how much this person expects to get from the lawsuit, but this should be an interesting one. I have a feel a judge won’t even give it a chance in court.

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