Raffaello Follieri is Anne Hathaway’s Boyfriend (Photos)

August 3, 2007

Raffaello Follieri is in the news as Anne Hathaway’s boyfriend, the beautiful actress and fashion model. When you look at the couple in these photos, she is obviously in love with him. But recently, a heated argument on a restaurant in London left her crying as she fled the dinner in tears.

Read more about their public argument.

Raffaello Follieri is a wealthy Italian real estate developer who has been Anne Hathaway’s boyfriend for three years. He is also controversial, have been the subject of a lawsuit by billionaire Ron Burkle for embezzling funds. Allegedly he used some of that money for Anne Hathaway shopping sprees, care of their Labrador, and wining and dining Anne on extravagent trips.

Follieri started the Follieri Foundation, a charity that provides medical assistance for children living in third-world nations. Hathaway began doing charity work with her boyfriend after realizing that she used to feel sorry for herself while “having everything”. Follieri and Hathaway have helped vaccinate more than 1000 children in Nicaragua.

In recognition of his charitable work, Follieri was named a special consultant to the national office of the Pontifical Mission Societies in the United States. “The missionary outreach of the Church across the globe is a fundamental responsibility of every Catholic,” he said.

Follieri was reportedly seen earlier this year with a Roberto Cavalli model at the Waverly Inn, a hotel in New York, leading to naughty speculation.

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