Justin Bieber Hangs Up On Radio Host (LISTEN)

June 29, 2012

Justin Bieber is having some growing pains. It has to be hard to come from such a squeaky clean start, and it seems like the last year has been a hard one on him image wise.

Let me start by saying that I adore him. He is a cutie, and his music is jamming. But I keep reading stories about his attitude problems. A while back the first negative thing I EVER read about him was that he was acting like a brat on the set of a talk show. They said he smashed his fist through a cake, and was being rude.

I was actually shocked and a little bit heart broken. After that a video came out of him calling a security guard a “douche” after being denied entry into a party. That was strike two for me.

So I thought that the media was starting to pick on him a little bit, or that they were trying to find things to bring him down because he was such a big star.

This incident was not one that should be on that list. I think the radio host in this case deserved to hung up on.

Apparently JB was doing an interview with a show called Mojo in the Morning. The host starting picking on poor Justin, calling his new song a Justin Timberlake rip off, and even mentioning Bieber’s mother. JB tried to be funny and mention the DJ’s mother as a come back, but it back fired. The host said that his mother was dead, so Justin simply hung up.

The only reason this is news is because Justin is known for being pretty nice all the time. I’m glad to see that he is standing up for himself, but I hope someone talks to him about his image. It could easily get out of control if he tries too hard to be bad.

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