Anne Vyalitsyna, Alexander Skarsgard Dating!

June 28, 2012

Anne Vyalitsnya has tossed Adam Levine to the side and chosen to go for a wicked, evil vampire (actor) named Alexander Skarsgard. Yeah, you know who he is.

This particular Victoria Secret model apparently has any choice she wants of the cute guys in show business. First, she was prancing around with heart-breaker Adam Levine. I personally think he is a real cutie. He has the scruffy beard look, and has an amazing voice. But I have heard that he is really a jerk.

As for Skarsgard, he is absolutely my favorite character in True Blood so I think she traded up. Some of his exploits alongside the other guy who admire’s Sooki have been pretty gripping. He is a pretty good actor too, and was able to pull of the whole “in a trance” vibe last season when he was obsessed with Anna Paquin’s character.

Pop On The Pop has declared that they will call her Ana V from now on, which is pretty clever. The only catch is that she must be the one not thinking straight to mess with him because he doesn’t exactly have the best reputation with the ladies. Rumor has it that he is extremely promiscuous and has a tenacious sexual appetite.

I guess if you are just looking to have some fun that is a good guy for you.

Word has it that they have been involved for a while now, with one source saying:

“She’s been telling all her friends about him!”

Yeah, I can only guess what those conversations were like: “hey, you know the hot vampire from True Blood, well, he came over last night…”

So keep your eyes open for these two at big events now. In my opinion they are one of Hollywood’s hottest new couples.

Photos By WENN.COM/Andres Otero/Nikki Nelson

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