Snoop Busted in Norway!

June 28, 2012

Snoop Dogg was caught by customs authorities in Norway this week with a substance that has become almost synonymous with his name.

According to officials, Calvin Broadus was caught with about 8oz of marijuana on his way into the country. Rumor has it that they figured out he was smoking because he had trouble pronouncing the airport they were in — Kristiansand Airport in Kjevik — only kidding!

The interesting thing is that is sounds like pot is decriminalized over there because he was only asked to fork over about $2K to settle the entire deal. He was soon on his way and was expected to be on time to his 10:30PM show.

Another little problem he faced was that he had more cash than you are allowed to carry without reporting it to customs. I guess that problem most likely took care of itself after he handed over the fine for the pot…just a theory.

The legendary rapper is in the country to perform at a festival called the Hove Festival. Reports state that he made it just fine.

You may remember that in January he was busted by authorities in Texas who apparently found several joints he had been traveling with. It turns out that Snoop has a prescription for marijuana in his home state, but that obviously doesn’t pull any weight in Texas.

In that case he just had to fork over some cash also.

I think I’m starting to understand why he lives in such a modest house. On his reality show a few years back I was surprised at how regular his house was. I automatically assumed it was because he had smoked all of his money, but now I think that it must be for heavy fines for every time he gets caught with pot!

Photos By: WENN.COM/jinphotography

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