Paula Deen’s Slim Down Secrets

June 28, 2012

Paula Deen shed 30 pounds and is looking freaking amazing. So how did the woman known for her not so good for you southern cooking manager to drop the weight?

This week the cover of People magazine features a slimmer Paula Deen. The weight loss comes six months after the cooking guru revealed that she has Type 2 Diabetes. I am not going to get into the whole backlash that followed that announcement because this is about the success Paula has had losing weight.

The chef shared with the magazine some of her secrets for dropping the pounds, one of which is loading up on the veggies and salads along with cutting out those carbs. Nothing really that people don’t already know if you ask me but none the less one of her tips. She also talked about the importance of exercising, again no new tip there. What she did share that I like is if you make a few small changes they can add up to big results. While that may not sound like enlightening words of wisdom it just really hit home with me, probably because I always do big changes at once and see no results. There are of course some more tidbits that the Foot Network star reveals but you will have to pick up the magazine to find them out. My guess is that she doesn’t really have a magic secret or any new information but I think the article could still make for good reading.

She is known for her food that is oh so good but yet oh so bad for you and I think that if she can loose 30 pounds then so can I darn it. I just might have to use her as my own inspiration to get slimmer. Those are my thoughts on the newer smaller Paula Deen what do you have to say about her weight loss and her weight loss methods?

Photos by: Wenn/Mr. Blue

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