Real Housewives of OC Finale – Cake-Gate and Other Drama

June 28, 2012

Season 7 of The Real Housewives of Orange County came to a screeching halt this week with a high-drama, two-part finale. The ladies of the OC are well known for their season-ending parties. Last year, we had the infamous drink-tossing incident between Jeana and Tamra. This year, not to be out-done, we had three incidents, starting with ′CakeGate′, when uninvited guest Sarah Winchester came to the party with Alexis. The party was a ′name-change′ party thrown by Heather, who, after 15 years, decided to finally take her husband Terry Dubrow′s last name. What followed should make the highlight reels for the Real Housewives series!

Alexis and Jim Bellino caused some drama during the Season 7 finale of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Image Credit: PRN / PR Photos.

So the party is held at the palatial home of the Dubrows, where all of that plastic surgery money buys you a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean and a home that princes and kings would feel comfortable in. Yet, Heather bought a cake for $550 that was hideous! Basically a three-tiered squarish cake with her new initials on it with a big pink sugar bow on top. Alexis arrives with Sarah since Jim, Alexis′ husband, decided that he would not attend the party due to his being mad at Dr. Terry Dubrow. Terry had allegedly said that he thought Alexis was the phoniest person he′d ever met. Actually, all he said was that she cane off as being phoney.

Dressed like a couple of Las Vegas hookers, Alexis and Sarah make themselves at home. Sarah downs a few glasses of champagne and needs help walking to the bathroom in her 6-inch acrylic heels. As more guests arrive, one tells Heather that Sarah ate part of her cake′s bow! The camera zooms in and we see that a small piece, about the size of a dime, was broken off the back of the bow. When confronted, Sarah admits to her misdeed claiming that she has a sugar issue and needed some quickly.

After several minutes of apologies, accusations and general drama, Heather decides that Sarah must leave immediately. Alexis tries to defend Sarah but to no avail. In what is truly creepy, Slade Smiley, Gretchen′s boyfriend and serial housewife dater, turns out to be the most rational person around as he escorts Sarah and another bimbo friend out the door. Sarah is crying and exclaims, ″Is this what the world is coming too?″ Yes, Sarah, the world hates those who pick at cakes before they are cut and served.

Not long after this, Jim, husband of Alexis arrives unexpectedly. He winds up sitting down with Terry to discuss the slurs against his wife. Heather joins them and she defends Terry by reassuring Jim that Terry did not say exactly what Jim thinks he said. Them Tamra joins them and Jim senses an ambush. He gets up and walks out of the house! Alexis is informed that Jim is leaving so she chases after him. The image of her running after his car down the driveway and getting in looks like a John picking up a hooker on some sleazy roadside.

Then we get to the main event of the evening. Brook, the seedy boyfriend of Vicki, accuses Tamra of giving Vicki the ′evil eye′ when Vicki toasts the departed Alexis. A verbal brawl breaks out between Tamra, Vicki and Brook. Now, earlier in the evening, Vicki tried to get her daughter′s new husband to help persuade Briana that Brook is okay. But both Tamra and Briana think that Brook is a gold-digging gigolo. He has no visible means of support other than living in an apartment that Vicki rents, driving a car Vicki owns and sending money from a joint bank account that Vicki set up for them. Duh! I wonder what ever gave Tamra and Briana these ideas about Brook?

So as Season 7 ends with the Real Housewives of Orange County finale, Tamra and Vicki are no longer best friends. They are no longer even speaking with each other. The upcoming reunion shows next week should prove to be much fun. I′m certain we will again hear more about CakeGate and how Sarah ruined Heather′s name-change party. We might even see some fisticuffs between Jim and Terry!


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