Selena Gomez Part Of Me Premiere: Fashion Fail

June 27, 2012

Selena Gomez joined a pack of wild celebrities who went out to show their support for the premiere of Katy Perry’s Part Of Me movie.

A lot of the big wigs were on hand, including Justin Bieber, Robert Pattinson and Paris Hilton, but one celebrity stood out. Yes, the former Disney star turned long term stalker of the Biebs showed up looking like a walking pinata. Her ruffly bright red dress is bad enough in itself. Then you throw in some gas-station sun glasses and you have a real disaster on your hands.


And please forgive me if I’m out of touch, but is that her mother with her wearing the same glasses? If so, that’s actually kind of cute. But all it does is double-up this ridiculous fashion fail.

Come on Selena, you can do better than this!

Photos By: WENN.COM

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One Response to “Selena Gomez Part Of Me Premiere: Fashion Fail”

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    Alta White Says:

    Yikes! Sorry, Selena, but that dress is atrocious!